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Technology meets human brilliance in communication

Why Us!

The new world has come of age. With businesses seeing an uptrend like never before, exposure in the media too has become imperative for success. Our team of experts, well seasoned in the fields of Journalism, Creative Design, Public Relations and Communications, guarantees that all our client -needs related to these spheres are impeccably met.

Our Services

Press Conferences

Siyahi would be at your beck and call whenever you have something to announce to the public and your target audience by way of media coverage. 


Media Events

Come to us in case you plan to organize specific events or seminars that would highlight your activities and getthem written and broadcast
by the media. 


Press Releases

News worthy developments
shall be written in the form of press releases as required by you
and shared with the media for coverage.


CSR Support

Siyahi would undertake media relations activities with regard to corporate social responsibility initiatives from your part and get those activities gain media coverage.


Media Monitoring

Siyahi shall monitor and submit coverage reports as required by you in a very professional manner. We also offer media monitoring services on an annual basis too.


Crisis Management

Clients who need crisis management solutions are aided by our team of  experts in reaching out to the media and explaining their version of the story.

The ability to communicate, so as to make sure you are clearly heard and rightly understood, can be tricky when you are dealing across various peer groups and media. We understand the intricacies of the arena we work in, and when you come to us, you get to rest easy and let the experts handle things.


We offer media relations services across Kerala. Contact us to know more on media in Kerala

New Media

Get in touch with us to get your brand featured in all kinds of New Media 

TV Tales

We would help you run unique story ideas with specialists on TV to ensure coverage


Our content specialists shall help you create material for the media to explore story opportunities 


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