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Our Services

We at Siyahi – The Content & PR People have on our menu exceptionally professional services that would suit your profile. Our services guarantee enough and more media presence for your organization by way of activities you would want us to perform for you. We would ensure presence in a number of newspapers, publications and the broadcast media all at one go.

• Press Conferences
Siyahi would be at your beck and call whenever you have something to announce to the public and your target audience by way of media coverage. We would offer you services ranging from media invites, media coordination and coverage follow ups. All your press conferences will have the required attendance from various sections of the media. Coverage follow ups and related support shall be undertaken well.

In case you plan to organize specific events or seminars that would highlight your activities and get them written and broadcast by the media. Media attendance and coverage shall be ensured.

• Press Releases
In an event of news worthy developments or announcements that has to be read by your target audience, we would prepare press releases as required by you and get them disseminated and followed up for coverage. The releases shall be professionally served to the media.

• Media Monitoring
Post-every event, be it press conferences, events, press releases from your side, Siyahi shall monitor and submit coverage reports as required by you in a very professional manner. This apart, Siyahi would also offer media monitoring services on an annual basis too.

• Media Planning
Siyahi also offers support with respect to any activity you want to undertake and guide you on how to reach your specific targeted audience as and when required via the media.

• CSR Support
Siyahi would undertake media relations activities with regard to corporate social responsibility initiatives from your part and get those activities gain media coverage.

• One to One Interactions
Siyahi would organize one to one interactions / interviews with the company top brass and get them published/ broadcast in the media.

• Crisis Management
Any organization is destined to go through a crisis at some point of time. Success brings with it negativity too, which need to be tackled in the most professional manner. We find ourselves on the job when it comes to such situations. Clients who need crisis management solutions are aided by our experts in reaching out to the media and explaining their version of the story.

Come to us

With a team that promises excellence in content generation and public relations, you can be sure that we at Siyahi – The Content & PR People would professionally do all we can to help you stand out!

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